​​OCT, M.A, B.Ed, B.A (Hons), SSWD

Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

"I really enjoyed all the activities that we did this semester. I found it useful that we had a daily agenda, and I really like the different quotes. I liked all the creative ideas that Daisy brought to class each day. We did a lot of hands-on things."

--K.M., PSYC1010, Conestoga College

"Used a variety of ways to motivate and get the students in tune with the concepts and practices."

"Every topic or subject Daisy teaches, she shows enthusiasm, she motivates us in every way. Great examples as well as sharing her experiences with us."

"What I found most useful in this course was learning about the many different personality types and personality disorders. This was important to learn so that in my career path I can learn to recognize these personalities and with that knowledge can interact with them better."

​--PSYC1010, Conestoga College

"Daisy is an influential person to be teaching. She is very enthusiastic and loves what she does and she shows it in a very positive nature. Daisy motivates the class to get involved in activities and class discussions. Daisy is very open-minded and welcomes new ideas."

"The one thing that I found very useful this term was the way that you organized this class, the course outline handout with all our dates filled week by week helped me keep track of important due dates and stay focused in the long run."

--PSYC1010, Conestoga College

"Daisy as an individual made this course quite interesting. The positivity and enthusiasm you put forward while teaching always caught my attention and seemed to make me appreciate the information being taught. I just wanted to say thank you for the hard work and dedication you put towards teaching us this semester. You can tell that this profession was 100% meant for you!."

​--V.C., Psychology, Conestoga College

"It was very evident how knowledgeable Daisy is about the material. And she teaches because she completely enjoys it."

"I appreciate Daisy's constant efforts...if I didn't understand, she always elaborated with different examples for better understanding. She gets the students involved and makes the classes fun. She is an excellent instructor."

"My perspective is changed every week after our class. The things I learned really have an effect on me. The way I think, the way I analyze situations."

​--N.K., PSYC1010, Conestoga College

"Daisy is a great instructor, she's knowledgeable and understands the different learning capacities of her students."


"I just wanted to personally thank you for being so helpful and welcoming each and every time any question or concern I had came up. Your classes were hands-on and the way you taught and spoke really grabbed my attention and helped me remember additional information...that I may not have gotten on my own. You're an amazing teacher!"

--A.B., PSYC1010, Conestoga College

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