​​OCT, M.A, B.Ed, B.A (Hons), SSWD

Daisy-Mae Hamelinck

"What a really great class. Enjoyed every minute!"

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"One of the best teachers I have ever had, made the subject very interesting."

​--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"Everything we learned in class we went over in tutorial and related it to real life making it easier to understand concepts."

​--SOC1A06-2, Conestoga College

"Way to go, Daisy! Thanks for making this class exciting and I have learned so much. I can say that it really has changed my life. Thanks."

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"Daisy was wonderful at pulling material together into visual examples, made them come to life. Daisy is wonderful, intelligent, bright, funny. An extraordinary woman."

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"I found everything useful within this course. I especially liked Daisy's interest not only in the topics but also in what we had to say."

​--SOC1A06-2, Conestoga College

"This course was an eye opener; it is as if I have been going around with blinders on. Although I've heard of things such as slavery, racism, and female genital mutilation, I never thought about it much and was under the assumption...things were getting better. Naive aren't I? Daisy left me with a different outlook...you are an inspiration."

--B.D., SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"Really enjoyed each and every class with Daisy. She is an amazing University Professor. Always presents the course material in an interesting manner. Takes the time to know students and she really enjoys what she does."

​--SOC2191B, Sport & Society, Western University

"Excellent teacher! Please continue to use Daisy to teach this course. We loved her!."

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"I found the teaching style amazing. I retained so much more information here, than in any other class I have ever taken. Daisy accessed many types of learning styles and was always there to answer questions."

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"An outstanding instructor that shows exceptional enthusiasm and truly cares about the students. She motivates students to do independent thinking outside of class and encourages students to use their knowledge in their daily lives. Would take a course with Daisy again!"

--SOC2191B, Sport & Society, Western University

"All the discussion about society, socialization, and how people interact with each other...Thank you for helping me to see the world differently."

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"What I found particularly surprising about the course was how engaged I had become with the topic of sports in society as the term progressed. The topics were specific enough to be discussed critically and in greater detail, but also broad enough to allow students to understand them through various ‘lenses’ or areas of study. In addition, Professor Hamelinck encourages questions, analyses, and contributions from students during class discussions. As a female athlete, it was personally interesting to discuss and analyze the unique issues surrounding gender and politics in sports. What I got out of this course was an increased awareness and ability to critically analyze the world around us. Professor Hamelinck’s genuine care and enthusiasm for the course and students’ learning contributed to a positive experience overall."

--T. Yim, SOC 2191, Sport & Society, Western University

"You found a way to relate the majority of class material through examples, both personal and societal...interactions made this class what it was. You are the best instructor I have had at this college so far."

​--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"I think this course should be mandatory. And I have the best teacher. This has been the best experience thus far in my college career."

​--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"You will get the most out of this course if you all participate and I promise there are more than enough controversial topics to get you guys all fired up. I felt like half of the classes were spent listening to people’s interesting and relevant sporting experiences and this helped immensely with making connections to many of the concepts presented in the course. Ultimately, you will get out what you put in during class not at home or at the library. If you don’t have a favorite course yet, I have confidence that this course will take that place and rightfully so."

--D.GH, SOC2191, Sport & Society, Western University

"Sociology connects to every profession. Whenever one comes into contact with anyone else there are sociological factors at play. For nursing specifically, sociology connects because it helps the nurse to understand patients better beyond their illness...in order to truly provide the best possible care."

--S.B., Intro to Soc, Nursing Program, Conestoga College

"I really enjoyed the group discussions. I believe they help us better understand the concepts and theories more as a collective group. I applaud your enthusiasm for teaching."

--SOC1A06-2, Conestoga College

"'Story time' was an amazing inspiration. We bumped into each other for a reason! Thank you for sharing your passion, determination and drive to make a difference."

--SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Conestoga College

"From the beginning I was impressed with the level of professionalism and organization, detailed instructions, and clearly laid out expectations for the class. These were complemented by a positive, respectful, and inclusive learning environment, laced with stimulating debates and creative teaching strategies. This class proved that minds can be stretched, stereotypes can be shattered, and narrow points of view can turn into wide horizons. The creative props used in class made the abstract concepts easy to grasp. I particularly enjoyed the [brainstorming exercise], where everyone contributed by writing...whatever came to mind first when a concept or theory was introduced. Afterwards, definitions were extracted, connections were made, theory and concepts were analyzed, and conclusions were drawn...Without exaggeration the engaging learning experience in Professor Hamelinck‘s class was thought-provoking and life changing."

​--R.B., SOC1030, Intro to Soc, Nursing Program, Conestoga College


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